Monday, April 25, 2011

Late Nights

A group of us were working late in the studio to meet the deadline and I decided to snap some photos to show our progress.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Charlotte Visit

Last week the Third Year Interior Architecture class had the opportunity to see the Gensler office in Charlotte as well as the newly-constructed Duke Energy Tower. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet professionals as well as take notes to help in our design of a skyscraper.


CLIENT: Solomon Group
ARCHITECT:Asymptote Architecture
LOCAL ARCHITECT: Gansam and Junglim Architects
VERTICAL TRANSPORTATION: Lerch, Bates and Associates Inc.

Tertia Precedent Diagrams:Ino Loloci

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tertia Precedent Diagrams: Meghan Kaufmann

Skyscraper precedent: Bank of America Tower, NYC

Workplace precedent: Lovejoy Building, Portland, Or

Precedent Analysis Diagrams: Carlos Smith

Above are my precedent diagrams for our tertia mock firm design competition. I chose to create the diagrams based on the most important information I took from my skyscraper and workplace precedents.

The skyscraper was about generating structural elements that influence the internal organization. My workspace was significant in its ability to generate a spatial mindshare; dissolving boundaries through the use of partition walls, low profile cubicles, exposed columns and clerestory windows. A psychological connection is also made by bold timber beams that run the ceiling, and a wooden floor that carries light across its luster.

Tertia Mock Firm

The tertia mock firm is up and running!

Stockholm Skyline

Our current project is based on designing a 6o story skyscraper in Stockholm, Sweden for the Chicago Architecture Today design competition.